About Constable Jones




Twenty-Two Years in Law Enforcement

Served in Every Role at the Constable's Office in Precinct 5

Sworn in as Constable in 2018



Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice - Sam Houston State University, 1996

Masters in Criminal Justice Management - Sam Houston State University, 2006

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Academy - Graduate, 1996




Masters in Police Officer Certification

Civil Proficiency Certification

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Instructor

Firearms Instructor

Internet Crimes Against Children [ICAC] Investigator

Law Enforcement Associations


Texas Municipal Police Association

Justice of the Peace Constable Association


Community Assocations


Magnolia Support Group, President

Magnolia Education Foundation, Past-President

Greater Magnolia Parkway Chamber of Commerce, Member

Magnolia Republican Women, Associate Member

Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, Member

Magnolia’s First Baptist Church, Member

"My most memorable case was as an ICAC [Internet Crimes Against Children] Investigator. I served in that role for 2.5 years, and I believe that was the most fulfilling part of my career. When you arrest someone, who is sexually abusing a 12-13 year old, it’s a good feeling. My first case was a child pornography case that had a live victim. I’m thankful we were able to rescue her from the terrible circumstances she was living in. The guy plead to 2 life sentences for continuous sexual assault of a child, plus 10 years for child pornography. There’s no doubt we saved that girl’s life”.

Public Safety


The goal of law enforcement is to increase the safety and security for the community they serve. In 2015, Chris Jones became Chief of the Montgomery County Precinct 5 Constable’s Office and immediately began working to looks for ways to improve public safety. Below are a few changes he made which had a significant impact on Precinct 5:

Criminal Investigations

Before his transition to Chief in 2015, the Constable’s Office roles were limited to Civil Court Activities and serving as School Resource Officers. Under Jones’ leadership, the Constable’s Office expanded their law enforcement activity to Criminal Investigations. Precinct 5 Deputies now proactively target activities that threaten harm to our community, such as intoxicated drivers and narcotics.

Increased Personnel

In 2015, the Precinct 5 Constable’s Office had 21 law enforcement officers. As Chief, Jones has increased that number to 38, with 10 being adding as School Resource Officers and 8 added as Patrol Deputies. In 2018, every school in Magnolia ISD has an officer presence.. (Note: There are Montgomery ISDs schools in Precinct 5 but they have their own Police Department)

Extended Hours

Before Chris Jones became Chief, the Constable’s Office operated 5 days a week, from 8 to 5. Jones extended the office hours to include weekends, and the department now operates 7 days a week. The near future goal of Constable Jones is to increase the hours to a 24-hour operation.
These changes increased safety in our community significantly. According to the numbers, the Constable’s Office had 52 arrests in 2015, prior to Chris stepping into the Chief position. In 2018, the arrest totals grew substantially to 514 arrests. Constable Jones will continue to look for ways to make the community of Precinct 5 safer. The following are other ways Constable Jones has increased public safety.

Constable Jones' Leadership Style


Constable Chris Jones has a unique philosphy for how he leads as a Law Enforcement Officer in Montgomery County. Read more in the boxes below:

Latest Technology

As a law enforcement officer, Jones attends seminars, and training, regarding the latest in community safety technology. When Constable Jones sees there is an advance in technology, which will make our community safer, he presents it to Commissioners Court to ask for the proper funding. Montgomery County has a unified goal in public safety, and has yet to turn down such a request. Constable Jones will continue to pursue every advance in technology which he believes will improve the safety for the citizens of Precinct 5.

Prepare for Growth

Precinct 5 has many new business and residential development projects, which are predicting thousands of homes being built in the next 2-5 years. As Chief and Constable, Chris has stayed in communication with our County and City Officials to understand these developments so he can properly prepare for the needed increase in law enforcement personnel. Constable Chris Jones will continue to stay connected to the pulse of development in order to ensure our community safety never decreases with progress.

Unified Law Enforcement

Constable Jones has a good relationship with all Law Enforcement agencies in Montgomery County. He understands that it’s vital for all law enforcement agencies to work well together for the ultimate goal of public safety. Jones added, “we all work together to provide services for the community. There’s no room for egos, or politics, when it comes to the safety of our county. We have got to serve the community, first. That’s the most important thing”.

Committed to a High Quality Work Environment

Constable Jones believes that if people are doing what they love, they’ll take pride in their work and do their job well. This philosophy has led him to commit to fully understand the passions, and personalities, of his employees. He detailed, “personality and preferences play a lot into where officers will serve best. Understanding this, and placing people in positions that match their personality, has resulted in the amount of arrests going up substantially. This has resulted in a harmonious work environment, and better quality of work from our officers. We have a great mix of new officers and seasoned officers who work well together. There’s a lot of mutual respect for everyone’s unique qualities and roles, and a ‘let’s get this done, together’ motto".